What is this website built with?

Trust when I say, this website is far from elaborate. However, just because it's a small website, doesn't mean it shouldn't perform. It's my portfolio for God sake, so performance is required.

Though I am a strong proponent of responsive web development, I skipped Bootstrap on this one. In fact, I hand coded the responsive containers because frankly, Bootstrap would be way too much for what I needed. Using restraint is one of the hardest things to do in this case, but the pay-off can save you a lot of work. I hear arguments hashtagging while I type. No worries there. I use Bootstrap and most recently Foundation 5. I like them both for similar and not-so-similar reasons but that's an article in itself. So, for this site I went against it. Will I regret later? Nope, but if you come back and find it Bootstrapped you'll know what happened.


I built this site with PHP for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is probably because I hadn't worked with PHP since it's last version release. But aside from that, the doors that open when you constitute the use of server side programming languages basically takes your website from static to kick-ass in no time flat. As a user, you may not see the immediate value in this but that's my job to worry about and if you find this website works for you then I did my job. If not, all compliants and grievances can be placed here.

Some swear that PHP is used on 80%+ of all sites. I think this percentage is arguable but the fact remains it's a staggering number. I can do more hocus pocus behind the scenes with PHP. Add a database and better security to protect your info and my website.


I started working with Greensock a while back and although I love doing awesome stuff with JavaScript, it's another one of those things that can easily get out of hand. I see sites all the time that screw up (what would otherwise be) a decent user experience with animations out the ass! What is an "animation-out-the-ass", you might ask? Do I really need to explain this?

Using animations on key components of a website can make your site go from acceptable to exceptional. However, the key to this is careful thought and consideration with regards to the user. I'm no saint. In fact, sometimes I will just test the waters to see what shakes. After all, this is my website so I use it for dropping bombs every chance I get. But sometimes, they are just that. Bombs...

Since I'm learning more how to use GSAP animations and work with the animation library more, I chose to use it for the slider on the front page. I'm finding that this can be better. The animation skips a bit but I'm still working on the script. We'll see how long this lasts. In addition, the GSAP TextPlugin grabbed my attention a while ago, so I tossed a not so controversial wrapper onto some text on the same page. That's it. Until this writing, I've done nothing more with Greensock animations.