What about Mark?

Mark J. Moyer | Professional Web Developer

Technically, I blend fabulous design components with skillful coding experience to produce clean, well-formed and incredibly dynamic user-friendly websites, which meet web standards and accessibility guidelines across all major platforms and browsers. Not to mention the sites I build are fast as bats outta hell! In addition, I've gained a specialized skill-set in responsive web development. This includes responsive email, and I dare say, any attempt to dominate two dozen email clients into submission is not for the half-hearted. Though, it is a mind boggling treat for some.

Working with high-level clients and brands over the last several years, I've developed a ton of responsive websites and email templates that render consistently across the full-gamut of email clients (desktop and mobile). I wish I could say that responsive email came easy in comparison to websites but this wouldn't be accurate. Responsive email taught me more about RWD than anything else prior. It is my experience using the @media query to assist with rendering responsive HTML in the widest variety of displays, which led me to creating responsive layouts for websites and applications.

So, why do we need responsive? You can most likely answer this question on your own but to put it into perspective; if you visit sites on multiple devices (i.e. tablet, phone, desktop) and those sites are not optimized for the device in any way then the desktop experience goes out the window on a phone and vice versa. RWD gives you what can easily equate to a different user experience on a tablet or phone because the content is optimized for the device.

When you target large audiences and they use a variety of devices to view your content (mobile and desktop) you need your website/email to cater to that device while rendering consistently across all major modern browsers while provided graceful and conditional fallbacks for all others. So, it's a viable game changer.

I approach what I do with a strong work ethic and overall I am extremely passionate of maintaining standards while creating rich and engaging websites and applications. I bring with me an expert level of HTML5 & CSS3 experience backed up with strong proficiencies in several scripting languages like JavaScript and jQuery. I also like working with PHP and MySQL. Furthermore, I've worked hands-on in agile development environments, following processes that allow for adapting to the ever changing needs of a project.

My heart is in providing the end-user with more than just a functional user interface and website that works. With 10 years of experience working with various high level brands, I excel at remaining committed to the overall user-experience first while providing the very best in refined development. Overall, we meet users' needs with a functional user-friendly layout and interface that provides a dynamic experience when design combines with valid code and programming.

Who or rather What is Mark?

  • ...an Innovative Thinker
  • with
  • Impeccable Communication Skills
  • and a
  • Strong Reputable Work Ethic
  • A provider of
  • Honest & Ethical Practices
  • Also known as
  • a Responsible Risk Taker
  • and above all
  • an Approachable Leader
  • He is the epitome of
  • an Analytical Problem Solver
  • always consciously aware
  • of the Details, Details, Details...